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In each of the forms where personal data is obtained, basic processing information must be provided (1st layer) that includes, at least:


The identity of the person responsible for the treatment and his representative, if applicable. It will not be necessary to provide this information when your identity is in the legal notice and can also be clearly seen from the website itself (domain name, advertised brand, etc.).


The purposes of the treatment. Generic information about the purposes for which the personal data to be collected are intended. Link to Privacy Policy.

Which will contain complete information about the treatment (2nd layer).





Include the following informative clauses at the end of each of the following web forms. The clause may contain one or more purposes and some of these may require the user's consent:


1. If consent is not required, the recipient of the form may process the data for the described purpose, only by informing the user.


2. If consent is required, an "I accept..." box will be displayed for the user to decide whether or not they accept the data processing for the specific purpose. In both cases, the recipient must keep evidence that proves whether the user has given consent or not; for example, a copy of the form in the form of email or other means that cannot be manipulated. If the user accepts, the recipient may process the data for this specific purpose and for other purposes that do not require consent, if they exist. If the user does not accept, the recipient will not be able to process the data for this specific purpose, but may process it for other purposes, if they exist. Sending the form should not be made subject to consent, so if there is a purpose that does not require consent, the form should be able to be sent anyway.

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